Saturday, 21 April 2012

Introducing, Me..

Hi there. I'm Livvi:')

Not really sure what to put here, cause I'm not good at wording things..

My life isn't perfect, I'm not gunna pretend for even 1 second that it is, but I try!

I always say live in the moment, cause if you worry about the future, then you're not gunna enjoy life! Stop worrying about if you've broken a nail, or if that guy hasn't texted you back within like 3 seconds, it doesn't matter:)

I actually hate it when people say everyone is beautiful, because 99% of you don't mean it, you're saying it so you look like a better person! Truth is, you wouldn't even talk to half of the people you say that to, let alone befriend them!

People have said all my life that I'm ugly, fat, that I'm just plain not good enough for them to even think about, that I should just go away and die. You might think that I'm exaggerating, but at some point in my life, someone has said one or another of these things to me.

Rightfully, I have no confidence, no self-esteem, I'm seriously messed up upstairs. I've been bullied from square one, whether it was teasing in the playground in year 1, or spitting chewed up refreshers over me, so I have to walk home minus a blazer in sub-zero conditions. Have you had water tipped over you on the school bus, so your shirt went see through, and the immature little idiots laughing at you? I think not.

On the plus side, I have my friends, the one's who have stuck by me through thick and thin, happy and sad, . One of those, is Oliee Lamb. She's amazing. I love her loads, and if I didn't have her, I'd probably kill myself! No exaggeration there:) But yeah, I'm not moaning on here, I'm just giving it straight, no sugar coating, no hiding it!

Finally, we come to music. Music is my life. Its got me through the worst times, deaths, break ups, parent divorces, insert bad moment here. I'm into pop(hate that word), alternative rock, rock, whatever really, just so long as it isn't by Rebecca Black or Alexandra Stan!

Ciao, Livv xx

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